Third-party developers can scan G-mail accounts


Users private emails are being read by third-party Gmail app developers, an investigation into data privacy has revealed. It is common practice for some of these third-party app creators to instruct employees to read personal emails, a research found. As an example, one app which is designed to help users manage their Gmail inbox lets employees read ‘thousands’ of emails. Such apps can provide additional functionality to the Gmail inbox, like the ability to compare prices from different online retailers, or quickly unsubscribe from any marketing emails sent to your address. But your privacy is not more respected, you can’t control it.


New York-based firm Return Path, which helps marketers drive revenue through email has scanned the inbox of two million people. Employees at Mountain View-based Edison Software also reviewed the emails of hundreds of thousands of users while building a new feature for their mobile app, which is designed to help people organise their emails. Most of those developers tried to motivate their actions and promised this is not more happening. Do you believe it ? You can search and find documentation about how to disconnect such apps. Do it if your privacy is important, and be warned, after all.


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