Another way was discovered to attack computers based on chip security flaws


However, there is no evidence of it having been used to hack computers. “We have not seen any reports of this method being used in real-world exploits,” the company said in the statement. “Moreover, there are multiple ways for consumers and IT professionals to safeguard their systems against potential exploits, including browser-based mitigations that have already been deployed and are available for use today.”


It was now disclosed that so called Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4), which, as the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team describes, “could allow an attacker to read older memory values in a CPU’s stack or other memory locations. The exploit can be run through web browsers via runtimes like JavaScript. The vulnerability affects chips from AMD and Intel, as well as Power 8, Power 9 and System z processors. Intel promises patches in the next few weeks. As with the previous vulnerabilities, it will not be possible to fully eliminate the problems without at least some side-effects. Computers may be slowed down. The only real solution for the future is a complete chip redesign, and that’s not going to happen any time soon. Many people might not want the patch as it will affect performance negatively.


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