Adobe site hacked again. Hacker grabs 150k user accounts


Passwords and emails of people from Nasa, US Military, Adobe employees, USAF, etc are now known by the hacker.

A security analysis of the public dump reveals that Adobe did use a md5 encryption on the passwords before storing user account passwords in the database. However, nowadays this is not enough, especially if the encryption uses no extra salt. With the use of big dictionary files of pre-computer password hashes anyone can decrypt a md5 password relatively fast.

Virus_HimA who also goes by the name of Adam Hima declared he has nothing against Adobe. He wanted to make the hack public without making any damage. He further added that he does not feel OK knowing a big company like Adobe can be hacked so easily. SQL injection attacks are one of the most common attacks that lead to website hacks. Adobe is known to react slowly to vulnerability reports. Up until recently the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader application was vulnerable to some buffer overflow exploits. Adobe knew about the vulnerability months before patching it.

Adobe released a public statement saying: “Adobe is currently investigating reports of a compromise of a forum database. At this point of our investigation, it appears that the forum site was compromised by an unauthorized third party. It does not appear that any other Adobe services were impacted”. Adobe urged all its affected users to change their passwords.


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