Tesla’s cloud system was hijacked and used to mine cryptocurrency


Cryptojacking is a process that occurs when deploy software that exploits a computer’s CPU (central processing unit) to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency mining is a process whereby so-called miners solve complex mathematical problems to validate a transaction and add it to the underlying network. Tesla said that it did not see any initial impact on customer data protection or the safety and security of its vehicles.


” We addressed this vulnerability within hours of learning about it,” a spokesperson said. “The message from this research is loud and clear — the unmistakable potential of cloud environments is seriously compromised by sophisticated identifying easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities,” Gaurav Kumar, CTO of RedLock, said in a statement Tuesday. Other major firms, including British insurer Aviva and Dutch SIM-maker Gemalto were affected by similar problems. The RedLock Cloud Security Intelligence (CSI) team studied threats across public cloud environments from October 2017 to January 2018. They concluded that cryptojacking will become a serious issue in AWS, Azure, and Cloud environments. RedLock Vice President Upa Campbell told Motherboard over the phone that crypto mining incidents have increased in tandem with rising cryptocurrency prices.


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