Hacker replaces several pages from NBC with a warning message


NBC managed to quickly clean up after this defacement and within hours restored the affected pages. Although NBC sites are now back to normal search engines still hold the version of some hacked pages in their cache.

The replacement pages that were put by the hacker contained a surprisingly catchy soundtrack and a message that suggested possible affiliations between “pyknic” and hacktivist group Anonymous.

The message read: “REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER, THE GUNPOWDER TREASON AND PLOT. I KNOW OF NO REASON WHY THE GUNPOWDER TREASON SHOULD EVER BE FORGOTTEN.” Besides referencing the date on which Anonymous sworn to attack Facebook, “pyknic” also had a message for the FBI and referenced other things such as the Nigerian email spam. NBC Universal declined to make an official comment. FBI investigations might be underway although this was not yet publicly confirmed.


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