Vulnerability discovered in the WI-FI system forced Microsoft and Apple to provide software updates


The key reinstallation attacks, or KRACKs is a problem with Wi-Fi itself, not any particular device. The attack manipulates and replays cryptographic handshake messages in the four-way handshake that is used when someone attempt to connect to a protected Wi-Fi network. It don’t need the password and is not influenced if the password is changed. Information which is supposed to be safely encrypted, as credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails or photos can be accessed.

Using Wi-Fi

The major area of concern is about using public WI-FI. but probably here the issue will be fixed. “The problem is where we have cafes and smaller companies that are offering Wi-Fi it’s likely that the access points won’t be patched and therein lies the problem,” professor Gregory said. At the same time, anywhere between 30-50 per cent of devices won’t be patched even if the solution exists. The problem is so serious the US Department of Homeland Security has issued an official warning. Be informed, be safe !


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