An old, updated now, virus trojan is dangerous for smartphones with Android operating system


One malware is now very dangerous for mobile phones using Android operating system, the computer security firm CLEAFY and Bleeping Computer warned. BRATA is a remote access trojan that has been used to steal banking details in the past and now has a few new capabilities, including the ability to wipe phone’s data as a kill-switch and also GPS tracking and the ability to use multiple connectivity channels. It has now been updated to attempt to evade antivirus scanners, keylog, and factory reset the smartphone . The factory resets take place at certain times such as after a phone has been compromised and a fraudulent transaction has been completed. It protects the identity of the attackers from being discovered.Variants targeting e-banking users in the UK, Poland, Italy, Spain, China, and Latin America were found. To infect the phones, a primary app downloads and installs a secondary app with the malware.


This can be done when the primary app gets the app administrator access so the way to protect is to ensure vigilance in what apps the user installs, never giving accessibility permissions or administrator permissions to any app excepting apps from recognized distribution platforms, if needed. Before installing an app from a developer that you’re unfamiliar with, check out the comments section and look for red flags. A comment from a user stating that the app doesn’t work right, or that the app’s icon disappears after it is installed, or that there are too many ads or requests for permissions from apps must be a warning signal. Another good idea is to monitor the battery usage of the phone and network traffic looking for unexplained peaks that could indicate “malicious processes running in the background.” Even apps in Google Play Store or the App Store can be dangerous.