Marcus Hutchins, who stopped WannaCry ransom virus to spread, now arrested and accused for creating other malware


He was being held at the Henderson Detention Center in Nevada and a few hours after was moved to another facility.”We still don’t know why Marcus has been arrested and now we have no idea where in the US he’s been taken to and we’re extremely concerned for his welfare,” a Marcus friend told to media. It’s supposed this was a FBI arrest. Shortly before his arrest, Hutchins was in Las Vegas during Black Hat and Def Con, two annual hacking conferences. Another source specified Hutchins had a preliminary court appearance Thursday, and is set for a bail hearing Friday afternoon before federal Magistrate Judge Nancy Koppe. After his arrest, federal prosecutors in Milwaukee unsealed a six-count indictment, dated July 12,  charging Hutchins and an unnamed partner with conspiracy, wiretapping, distributing an illegal eavesdropping device, and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


The indictment claims that for at least a year, beginning July 2014, Hutchins was leading a double life, fighting computer crime in public, while privately creating a notorious piece of malware called Kronos, a “banking Trojan” designed to nestle in a victim’s machine and intercept their online banking sessions. However some who’ve worked with Hutchins are convinced the FBI made a mistake. The case will be interesting to follow if the information will be publicly available.


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