Malware for Mac computers, as “anything else is”


Usually, this malware spies on users through the computer’s camera, captures images of what’s displayed on the screen at varying quality and logs key strokes. The malware can also run commands in the background, and even kill the malware’s process altogether, likely in an effort to avoid detection. A second version called FruitFly 2 subsequently appeared. Researchers determined that FruitFly existed before 2014.


In a such long time it was  not discovered and even now it’s unknown who is behind it or how it got on computers. In fact, it was described as “unlike anything seen before.” As 90 percent of the victims were in the US, with no obvious connection between the users National law enforcement including the FBI were alerted about the malware. A former NSA analyst, ruled out the possibility of a nationstate hacker who targets users to intercept data for cyberespionage. For the instant it was not identified any action to make money with the stolen data. Apple released security patches for Fruitfly but many variants of malware exist. A pesentation will be made Wednesday at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.


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