A new ransomware attack spreads in the Europe and the U.S.


Radiation monitoring at the Chernobyl nuclear facility, local banks and metro systems in Ukraine and the country’s largest communications companies, Ukrtelecom, had also been affected. It remains unclear who is behind but the author demands ransom to give access to the encrypted data. “We are urgently responding to reports of another major ransomware attack on businesses in Europe,” Rob Wainwright, executive director of Europe’s police agency – Europol – said on Twitter.

Screenshot of Petya ransomware message

At least nine European countries had been targeted in the attack. It was used the same hacking tool created by the National Security Agency that was used previously in the WannaCry attacks. Even those who used the Microsoft patch could be vulnerable because now some changes had been made and the virus became  more dangerous. This ransomware virus, Petya,by  Janus Cybercrime Solutions, was for sale on the so-called dark web, where its creators made the ransomware available as “ransomware as a service.” That means anyone can launch the ransomware with the click of a button, encrypt someone’s systems and demand a ransom to unlock it. In a test of 61 antivirus solutions, only four successfully identified now the ransomware.. The ransomware note asked victims to pay $300 in bitcoin to a specific Bitcoin address.


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