Confidential personal medical records banned from Google SERP


Recent attacks on health medical data include: the global cyber-attack which hit U.K. health facilities months ago and the NYC hospital hack in which got their hands on the medical records of over 7000 patients at Bronx Lebanon Hospital after breaking into the hospital’s digital archives server. These are just few examples and IT experts warn us that reports of hacking medical records and health data are on the rise.


Medical records before entering the digital age

Banning certain sites or type of content from being listed in its search results is nothing new to . Besides entire websites which are banned due to spamming, also bans sensitive information such as bank account information, credit card numbers and social security numbers. The company that has always been historically reluctant to modify anything other than small configurations for its established search algorithm, is well known for one such change done two years ago. Back in 2015 began removing revenge porn from its search results.

After several high-profile data breaches around the world it was expected to see search engines commit to remove any leaked medical records and Google is the first to react on this. Other big search engines are expected to follow.


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