The world dangerous malware was disrupted after collaborative effort


After action coordinated by Europol, law enforcement authorities across several countries have taken down a network described as the “world’s most dangerous malware.” “The Emotet infrastructure, known as a botnet, essentially acted as a primary door opener for computer systems on a global scale,” Europol said. The network consisted of several hundred servers across the world. Email addresses, passwords and usernames were compromised by Emotet. Last year it was a significative increase in malicious cyber actors targeting state and local governments. Europol urged internet users to update their device’s antivirus tools and exercise greater caution to avoid falling prey to malware attacks. “If a message seems too good to be true, it likely is and emails that implore a sense of urgency should be avoided at all costs.”


Investigators have now taken control of Emotet infrastructure. It was a collaborative effort between authorities in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, Canada and Ukraine. EMOTET was much more than just a malware. What made EMOTET so dangerous is that the malware was offered for hire to other cybercriminals to install other types of malware, such as banking Trojans or ransomwares, onto a victim’s computer. As part of the criminal investigation conducted by the Dutch National Police into EMOTET, a database containing e-mail addresses, usernames and passwords stolen by EMOTET was discovered. You can check if your e-mail address has been compromised.