At least 28 Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions are right now infected with malware


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Some Chrome and Microsoft Edge had malware inside when tested with Avast antivirus. They are susceptible to redirect users to phishing websites which can steal user data (email addresses, contact numbers, and even bank card information) and monetise traffic. The Avast Threat Intelligence team started monitoring this threat in November. As many as 28 such extensions were identified. Around three million people in the world may have been impacted by these malicious extensions. Avast has listed several such extensions that are allegedly infected with malware, including Video Downloader for Facebook, Vimeo Video Downloader, Instagram Story Downloader, and VK Unblock.


“Our hypothesis is that either the extensions were deliberately created with the malware built-in, or the author waited for the extensions to become popular, and then pushed an update containing the malware,” the Avast team declared. All of the browser extensions mentioned by Avast in the report are still available to download on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Thiis a real danger for online security. Avast said it has contacted the Microsoft and Google Chrome teams to report them and the companies confirmed they are currently looking into the issue.