Jailbreak available for Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite only few days after its release


The new Kindle e-book reader has a retail price of only $119. Demand is so high for the device that Amazon decided to limit the amount of devices one can buy to two. Shipping is also delayed because of the high order amount. Paperwhite has a higher resolution with higher contrast. Its paper white display was the reason Amazon decided to call it this way. While it has a built-in light the battery life is still long and can last you up to eight weeks.

In order to jailbreak your Kindle Paperwhite all you have to do is to copy a file in Kindle’s root directory and then start the device again. Once Paperwhite is jailbroken you will be able to do many things you couldn’t do before such as displaying information like stock price, currency rates or even hooking up your mobile device to another one.

Beware! Jailbreaking a device means you will lose your warranty! Since different ways to jailbreak Paperwhite will soon be available, it is possible that some will fail. If anything goes wrong you could end up with a device that is no longer responding to any command.


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