Google will finally block all Adobe Flash Player content on Chrome


By the month of February next year, everyone should have the updated Chrome version which will no longer display Flash content by default. Users will however be able to manually enable Flash content by adjusting site-by-site permissions on their browser. Adobe has also urged users to stop using its Flash even from last year. As a result the forced move from browsers like Google Chrome to ban Flash will help the web switch to HTML5 content players where it didn’t already.

Most video streaming websites have already made the switch to HTML5, while some support both Flash and HTML5. Other heavy users of Flash content are on-line games sites that offer Flash games one can play in their browser. But we have already seen many HTML5 games, so this switch will only entice developers to do more HTML5 games that will eventually replace the Flash games. What is this ban achieving is to actually force smaller site owners who still use Flash content for some reason to finally make the switch to a newer technology.


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