GoDaddy offers 30% discount as an apology to its users


On the 10th of September the company had to face quite an embarrassing situation when their services remained unavailable for few hours due to the internal network problem. This outage created problems for GoDaddy’s customers and now as a compensation to them, GoDaddy has offered an unique opportunity by announcing a big discount on all its services including website registration, website hosting etc. GoDaddy has also dismissed the fake tweet from an anonymous hacker that was claiming they hacked GoDaddy.

In order to satisfy their customers Scott Wagner, the CEO of the company, has sent  personal emails to all of its customers explaining the issue, apologizing and breaking the news of discount. Customers are required to enter the code “Apology4a”  to get the discount. Now with the discount rates a site can be registered for only $9.10. This offer will remain valid for seven days and GoDaddy is expecting huge turn out because with such cheap rates anyone can get their sites registered for a year. Remember that other domain registration companies charge $13 for simple .com domain registrations. With this discount rate GoDaddy has again proved itself as a company not only big in the sense of business but also as the largest network based on human relations and feelings.

This personal apologetic note from the company’s CEO means a lot to the customers of the GoDaddy services. It proves that  GoDaddy believes in building personal and one-to-one relationships with all of its customers. Moreover, it also explains that even a small customer problem is taken in consideration.

This is not the first time when GoDaddy has offered its services at such a low rate. GoDaddy has dropped domain registration rates for .com domains to $7.99 per year in the past as well. This helped thousands of people across the globe get their websites registered with a very limited budget.



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