BlueToad was the true source of the data breach in the case of stolen Apple IDs



BlueToad’s chief executive, Paul DeHart, said that managed to breach into their systems and steal the sensitive information. When a file with the stolen Apple IDs appeared on the internet the company realized the posted information matched their own. BlueToad works with thousands of publishers and translates printed content into mobile and digital formats.

Anonymous initially claimed that the 12 million IDs were collected from an FBI agent’s PC. With its mobile applications BlueToad was able to collect information such as U.D.I.D., name and type of the device. DeHart publicly apologized to all BlueToad customers. The company sees similar attacks every day. Unfortunately this one got through. The hacker, which is presumably not related to AntiSec, probably sent the file with the collected Apple IDs to AntiSec in order to prove himself. BlueToad’s chief executive added that the company did not collect as many Apple IDs as AntiSec claims to have.



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