Report reveals Britain’s biggest mobile phone scam to date


The fact that telco giants still refuse to allow their own users to change networks when they are located in places characterized by poor coverage ultimately means that tourists end up using these ‘roaming’ services to get better signal. In Wales only around 35% of users have access to 4G networks. In South East, the situation is even worst. There, 30% of users report having at least one dropped call or even a total blackout each day.

The report which calls on ministers to make important changes is backed up by a cross-party group of 90 MPs. Another recent example is of the British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone Group which was fined £4.6 million for “sustained and serious” breaches of consumer protection rules. Not too long ago researchers found that the company failed has failed to offer top-up credit to pay-as-you-go users who already bought it. Some laws could soon protect consumers. The following changes are currently requested:
-Naming and shaming bad mobile offenders.
-Guaranteeing domestic roaming in the UK by law;
-Making rip-off fees stopping customers switching providers illegal
-Applying big fines on companies that miss coverage targets;


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