Hacker steals a quarter of a million from BitCoin trading exchange

Roman Shtylman, the founder of US's biggest BitCoin trading exchange was forced to suspend running operations on BitFloor. A hacker was able to bypass the security behind BitFloor and steal 24000 units in virtual currency.

The attack happened yesterday in the night and the total worth of the stolen virtual currency is worth close to $250000.

The still unknown attacker pulled of one of the biggest online heists to date. He first gained access to a BitFloor server. From there he found an unencrypted backup of the actual encryption keys used for online transactions.

Roman Shtylman is struggling to solve the current problem as soon as possible so that the site can reopen. He declared to the press: "I still have all of the logs for accounts, trades, and transfers. I know exactly how much each user currently has in their account for both USD and BTC. No records were lost in this attack."