34,500 customer’s credit card’s data stolen from Acer web store


Login and password details haven’t been identified as part of the data breach. Acer informed California’s Attorney General about this major security breach which lasted nearly a year from May 12, 2015 to April 28, 2016. Acer revealed that data was stolen because the company “inadvertently stored [the stolen consumer data] in an unsecured format.” Acer sent a warning letter to customers of its online store. “Safeguarding your personal information is important to us. We took immediate steps to remediate this security issue upon identifying it, and we are being assisted by outside cybersecurity experts. We have reported this issue to our credit card payment processor. We have also contacted and offered our full cooperation to federal law enforcement,” they said. They provided also a Resources Guide attached to help customers to take measures against identity theft.However this may be late in some cases.


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