Facebook users complain about virus that accepts friend requests


Some say they even saw friend requests that were sent to people they don’t know.

Facebook declared they are currently investigating the issue. Monica Elenbaas warned Facebook about a potential problem last week when she was automatically blocked and forbidden to send more friend requests. Apparently 100 friend requests were automatically sent on her behalf. This could be very well an attack of a worm computer virus. Unlike traditional viruses these do not have to attach themselves to an existing program. A computer worm is a malware program that spreads to other computers in your network or worldwide by use of different means.

There are many worm viruses that spread via email or via popular messenger programs. Earlier this year Dailymail reported that Facebook was targeted by a virus that spread through instant messages. Getting the virus was as easy as clicking a link.

Since Facebook is already a popular social networking platform virus attacks are on the rise. Virus programs might be just after your Facebook login but some might even steal your credit card details. Security analysts warn us to be careful when visiting sites sent to us by people we do not know and they recommend we always have our antivirus software up to date.



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