U.S. surveillance of Islamic State is “going dark”


Intelligence officials confirmed that over the past year more and more IS terror suspects were seen switching to sophisticated methods of encrypted communications such as Tor software which can not be tracked. Revelations made by NSA whistle-blower have literally changed how the world sees security of information. The disclosures revealed a part of how security agencies work and a great insight about their limitations. The result was deadly in Paris. Without any intelligence agency knowing, the terrorists managed to buy heavy weaponry and bombs while planning and executing a mass terrorist attack on several targets at once.

Former top FBI counter-terrorism official Ali Soufan noted that the recent attack needed to have extensive support from a network of IS sympathizers that helped the terrorists get weapons and explosives without raising suspicion. When asked about whether he considers intelligence services could have prevented this from happening Soufan responded: “Absolutely, this was an intelligence failure”. “There’s no doubt that the disclosures overall created a situation in which we lost coverage of terrorists”, declared former director of the National Counterterrorism Center Matthew Olsen.


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