Dow Jones servers were hacked by a group of Russian hackers


A less severe intrusion was disclosed a week ago by Dow Jones but there is no confirmation yet that this is related to the current hack. Security experts analysing the case believe the two hacks are too close apart not to be related. Spokespersons from authorities leading the investigations declined to comment and/or give out more information surrounding their current findings and suspicions.

The hack goes to show that the nature of this underground business is changing every year. Attacks are now also targeting servers hosting sensitive information that can later be sold to traders that use it in secret. Law-enforcement authorities are not really prepared for such cyber-criminal activities which most of the times prove to be quite challenging. Dow Jones details in its annual report that the Factiva service, which was also a target of the hack, provided until now global business content to about 1.1 million active users: “More than 4,000 sources make information available via Factiva on or before the date of publication by the source”


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