Kaspersky Lab will make public on Monday details of the biggest bank theft in history


According to managing director of the Kaspersky Lab North America market, Chris Doggett: “This is likely the most sophisticated attack the world has seen to date in terms of the tactics and methods that cyber-criminals have used to remain covert.”

The attack took place over a long period of time so that its effects had a greater chance of getting un-noticed. targeted multiple bank employees with infected emails that once opened would download malicious software on the victim’s PC. Then, similar to a Police stakeout, the used undetectable remote access tools to spy on the work activity done on each PC. Through screenshots and videos they were able to figure out what each employee did and who was in charge of cash transfer systems or ATMs. In time they were able to transfer money to fake accounts which they created way back.

This heist is so big that current investigators believe the total sum of stolen money could be in reality three times bigger than what they might have anticipated. Interpol is coordinating an investigation and reportedly both FBI and The White House were briefed about the current situation. The names of the banks targeted by the attack were not yet released.


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