Thousands of Hulu, Xbox Live and Amazon passwords were made public by a hacker group


The above mentioned private information was posted on popular text paste service Ghostbin. The list which quickly made its way to the media included over 10000 accounts for different websites or services. To name a few: Walmart, EA Games, Dell, Twitch.TV,,, UFC TV and VPNCyberGhost.

Some of these sites stored credit card information, phone numbers, personal home addresses, security codes or other information that nobody would want to hear it has been leaked. When reached for comment about this leak, none of the companies cared to comment. There are many ways through which the got their hands on these passwords. Many users are now concerned that the fault is of the companies which stored their information and not theirs. This could be true but it could also be that websites like EA Games, Brazzers or Amazon are vulnerable to attacks such as SQL injections that could give the an easy way into their databases.


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