Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks affected by a hacker attack


Three Xbox platforms were affected by the service problem: Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox on other devices. Lizard Squad said it would put the sites back online if enough people will retweet its message “I have the nation on strings.” The companies did not give a reason for the connectivity issues but apparently it was a DDos (distributed denial of service) attack. Millions of people could not use their games consoles for a second day. A lot of consoles were sold for Christmas 2014. In fact, this issue could have affected nearly 160 million gamers at once. Even an intervention by eccentric internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, who offered the free lifetime use of his file storage service, does not appear to have ended the attack. Sony has not responded to requests for comment.Lizard Squad made several attacks since August 2014 and even tweeted a bomb threat for an American Airlines flight.


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