Hackers who claim they can break Tor will give demo at Black Hat 2014

Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord claim they are able to hack the most powerful and popular anonymity network world-wide by exploiting a newly discovered design and implementation flaw. What makes their claim even more amazing is that they will do all this on a $3000 budget just so that they can show the world that you don't need to be NSA in order to be able to deanonymize Tor.

Rumours that NSA targeted Tor had been floating around for some time and everybody in the Tor community is concerned that his/her privacy might be at steak.

During the BlackHat USA 2014 convention the pair, software vulnerability analyst Michael McCord and research scientist Alexander Volynkin, will discuss about possible limitations of the attacks they will describe. There they will also present a couple of real life case studies: from taking over botnet control servers to exposing the identity of kiddie porn places and sites that trade drugs. All these are known to happen deep down within Tor's protective shadow.

Until now none of Tor's developers rushed to make a comment regarding the made claims. Currently it would be impossible to verify whether the two can really break Tor using only "a handful of powerful servers and a couple gigabit links" because the exact nature of the attack was not yet presented.