Bitdefender is warning about a new form of phishing attacks


The scam starts with an email that claims to be sent by with the phrase “Mail Notice” or “Lookout Notice” as the subject, the team of Bitdefender said. The content of the phishing e-mail is:”This is a reminder that your email will be locked out in 24 hours, due to not being able to increase your email storage quota. Go to the INSTANT INCREASE to increase your Email storage automatically.” In the next step, if users click on the link, they will be invited to login in a fake access form. The hacker will have access after to all modules of the account. Google’s Chrome browser is even more vulnerable as an entry port for this sort off attack. „Internet users need to be skeptical when they receive an urgent email from someone they don’t know or a reputable institution and should also use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to help avoid these kinds of scams,“ the representative of Bitdefender added.


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