The security of most websites compromised by an Open SSL bug


The Open SSL technology is used to provide more security by a strong encryption and this way an extra protection for the websites using it. The “Heartbleed Bug”, discovered now, is affecting an estimated 66 percent of all servers on the public Internet. The technology was not developed by a single company but by a community of developers. The owners of the servers must fix urgently this problem and a serious warning was issued saying that people should verify if this happened before making important operations such Internet banking. Usually, the web address of the websites using Open SSL begins  with “https”.
“It’s a bit of anarchy right now. Because we don’t know right now who has the keys and certificates on the Internet right now”, said Kevin Bocek, the vice president of security strategy and threat intelligence for a cybersecurity company.
The Heartbleed Bug was discovered at the same time last week by a security researcher at and a team of security engineers at Codenomicon, a security website. It possibly was created by a programming mistake. An updated clean version of the Open SSL are available.


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