Thousands of credit cards leaked at the California DMV


The California Department of Motor Vehicles is reportedly linked to these alerts and authorities believe that the DMV has suffered a wide breach of their online payment systems.

If you or your friends used a credit card for DMV charges between August 2nd, last year to January 31st 2014 then be aware that your credit card details might be in the hands of criminals. The nature of the attack and what information was stolen is not yet clear. However, according to the same report MasterCard sent a notice warning that the following sensitive credit cards information were stolen: credit card numbers, owner information, expiration dates and even the three digit verification codes.

Authorities have now reasons to concern about other leaked data such as social security numbers, driver’s license plate numbers, home addresses and even personal phone numbers. Of course until now there is no evidence to suggest that these were also leaked but it was not confirmed that the attackers didn’t get their hands on this information either.


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