Possible credit card data theft investigated at Neiman Marcus


It seems that this breach and the Target Corp. breach that happened only weeks back might have some similarities. Security experts believe that there is only one author for these two cybersecurity attacks. This was however not confirmed for now and Neiman Marcus did not made a public statement or comment in regards to whether these two attacks are related or not.

Merchants seems to have more and more challenges in thwarting various security threats and this is very worrying for shoppers who fear for the safety of their personal data. The Neiman Marcus breach is more worrying now as Target revealed on Friday that their data theft was far more extensive then they initially estimated and released details saying that millions of shoppers were affected. Neiman Marcus was notified in December by the credit card processor company about unauthorized payment activity for its customers and on January 1st a forensic company confirmed the criminal cyber security attack internally. Right now Neiman Marcus is contacting the people that had their credit card information used fraudulently. At the same time the merchant is collaborating with the Secret Service.


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