Global Internet Speeds Slow Down Due To Attacks on the Internet


The DDos attack was sparked by a spat between two internet service companies, Cyberbunker and Spamhaus. Spamhaus, a company which blocks spam, is said to have added Cyberbunker on their list of websites suspected to host spam. Cyberbunker is a Geneva-based hosting service company which is said to host just about any type of website, except for terrorist sites and child pornography sites. Cyberbunker therefore gives leeway to sites which run malware and other dangerous viruses by hosting them. That is how Cyberbunker ended up on Spamhaus’s suspected spam-host list. Cyberbunker is said to have retaliated by launching a DDos attack on Spamhaus and it was one of the largest internet attacks ever launched to the point that the effect was felt by internet end-users across the globe.

An unrelated incident, which contributed to snarl paced internet speeds on the African continent and parts of the Middle East, saw the vandalism of an undersea cable connecting to Europe. Three scuba divers got caught attempting to cut the cable and their motive is still unknown.


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