Malware for Mac computers, as “anything else is”

Security firm Malwarebytes discovered a piece of malware, called FruitFly, that's been infecting some Mac computers for years doing a lot of unwanted actions. Is only detectable on a handful of security products. The controller of the malware has the capability to remotely take complete control of an infected computer.

Confidential personal medical records banned from Google SERP

After changing its policy on content removal without any public announcement, the search engine giant removed sensitive private medical records from its search results. Google's search policy on content removal from its Search Engine Result Positioning was updated to include: "confidential, personal medical records of private people".

A new ransomware attack spreads in the Europe and the U.S.

The Russian energy company Rosnef, the pharmaceutical company Merck in the US, the the Danish shipping company Maersk, the French construction materials company Saint-Gobain, the British advertising  WPP and also many others  in Europe and the US were struck on Tuesday in a new ransomware international cyberattack  produced by a virus called Petya which encrypt and lock entire hard drives.

Nayana webhosting company agreed to pay hackers $1 million

South Korean web hosting company Nayana agreed to pay $1 million in Bitcoin as ransom. On June 10, hackers attacked and blocked 153 Linux servers and as consequence 3,400 business websites hosted were encrypted. Hackers initially asked to be paid $4.4 million and Nayana entered into negotiations.