The most advanced option for pool safety comes from Israel

“Manta 3,000” from Coral Detection Systems, an Israel-based AI startup, is a ray-shaped autonomous camera system that monitors swimming pools for drowning victims.

Drowning is the cause of more than 320,000 annual fatalities worldwide.  The self-sufficient pool monitor “Manta 3,000” surveys a 10-meter by 10-meter area with an underwater camera connected to an AI-powered computer vision system. As people enter and leave the pool, the Manta 3,000 makes a note and uses machine learning to “learn” their faces and recognize them. If a person sinks underwater and their head remains beneath the surface for more than 15 seconds it lets out an alert. It also can emit escalating alarms.


The Manta system needs no human involvement. It’s always on and uses solar power to operate. The price is under $2,500. Monthly payments are also available. At this time this is the most advanced option for pool safety. It’s a game changer. The Coral Manta 3000 is available online on the Coral Detection Systems website and in the near future through select special retailers. Manta 3,000 is being trialed at YMCA locations in the Greater Valley area of Pennsylvania in the US. Coral Detection Systems won the London AWARDS.AI 2019 for "Best AI Startup."