Scientists from Finland produced a new natural protein to replace what we know and use now

The way our food is produced can be revolutionized by scientists from Finland. A Helsinki-based company founded in 2017 says that „in order to save the planet from climate change, we need to disconnect food production from agriculture.

" In fact, Solar Foods is making a new natural source of protein it calls Solein of air, water and electricity. It can be added to almost any snack or meal. Solein is made by growing a microbe in a fermentation tank. The microbe eats only hydrogen bubbles, carbon dioxide, nutrients and vitamins. Solar Foods makes hydrogen by applying electricity to water, and sources carbon dioxide by extracting it from air. The company claims production of Solein is 100 times more climate friendly than meat and 10 times better than plant-based proteins. The production cost is $5-$6 per kilogram of 100 percent protein. Solein needs regulatory approval for human consumption.


Solar Foods is currently working with the European Space Agency on a way for astronauts to use Solein while in orbit. The company plans to produce enough powder to make two billion meals a year by 2022. "Producing Solein is entirely free from agriculture – it doesn't require arable land or irrigation and isn't limited by climate conditions," said Solar Foods. Another aspect may be important: Solein can be produced anywhere around the world.