The xenobots were created to help humans to achieve a better life

These are "entirely new life-forms," cells reshaped into specific "body forms" designed by a supercomputer , forms "never seen in nature." The xenobot moves on its own being a living programmable organism.

The organisms come pre-loaded with their own food source of lipid and protein deposits for about a week. Their lifespan can  be increased to several weeks in nutrient-rich environments. This "biological machine" can achieve things typical robots of steel and plastic cannot.



Some xenobots had holes in their center , which could potentially be used to transport drugs or medicines. Xenobots could be used to clean up radioactive waste, collect microplastics in the oceans, carry medicine inside human bodies, or even travel into arteries to scrape out plaque. "If we could make 3D biological form on demand, we could repair birth defects, reprogram tumors into normal tissue, regenerate after traumatic injury or degenerative disease, and defeat aging," said the researchers.