Flexible OLED smart-phone showcased at CES 2013



Although Samsung did not yet name the device it will probably have to do so soon because many of the people that saw it at CES 2013 were rather impressed with Samsung’s smart-phone prototype and would want to see it on the market.

The flexible OLED screen is beveled on the edge of one of the phone’ sides. This is an unique feature that allows the phone to display information vertically on the side. Even if the phone has something on top of it one could see short text messages or stock market information on the side scrolling from one side to another. Samsung didn’t want to go into much detail regarding the phone’s hardware or its specifications.

All we know for now is that the screen has a 720p screen resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The flexible OLED screen measures five inches across and thanks to the phone’s beveled edge design the screen can display important information vertically. Samsung’s prototype already used this area of the screen to put telltales and other notifications.


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