The carers robots are used to help elderly persons and this is a good thing


Robots aren’t just good for improving the elderly’s movement, they’re surprisingly adept at keeping retirees socially, emotionally and mentally engaged as well. Researchers from many countries of the world contributed to development of such robots and they have to do even more in this direction. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry expects the robotic service industry to boom to nearly $4 billion annually by 2035.


Serving robots do exactly that. The Care-o-bot from Fraunhofer IPA, as an example, has been deployed in a number of German assisted living facilities and is able to ferry food and drinks to residents from the kitchen as well as keep them entertained by playing memory games to help keep their minds sharp. It always maintains a respectful distance, shows what it has understood and what it intends to do, while also being able to make simple gestures and reflect emotions. Honda’s Asimo robot, in Japan, will serve as a go-fer for people with limited mobility-say, bringing a glass of water or turning off a light switch. The Dinsow elder care robot from CT Asia Robotics acts as a personal assistant  helps its human remember to take their pills, tracks their health and automatically answers incoming calls from family and doctors. Various robots can achieve many tasks and this seems to be a way to better help elderly persons.


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