Boeing and Porsche will develop an electric flying car


Boeing Co said on Thursday it was working with Volkswagen’s sports car brand, Porsche, to develop a concept electric flying vehicle capable of transporting people in urban settings. Earlier this year, the planemaker conducted an inaugural test flight of an aerial car prototype that could accommodate two to four passengers and fly up to 50 miles. Porsche has been aiming to build flying cars that can be used as taxis and for ride-sharing purposes. Boeing and Porsche will analyze the market potential for premium aerial vehicles and their possible use in highly populated cities and metropolises.


Interest and investment in electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, commonly known as flying cars, have grown significantly. Electrification is a propulsion strategy for improving the sustainability of both aerial and ground-based transportation modes. Studies are ongoing about how the flying cars affect the environment. Reports are showing they can be competitive with regard to energy use and greenhouse gas emissions compared to ground-based passenger cars.


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