A prize announced to create working genetic code like DNA


It’s a $10m prize to be offered to the first scientific team that can create a genetic code from simple chemicals, producing „quantifiable technological progress.” In other words, what is asked is to reproduce the unknown process that led billions of years ago to DNA as the vehicle for transmitting information in life on Earth. As it was ruled for this project, the chemicals „must self-organise into a code without the benefit of a designer.” Without any doubts, this is a very hard task ! “The biggest problems in science today are: how life got going in the first place and what is the origin of the genetic code. We want to know whether the way information is encoded in DNA is the result of chance or whether there are good chemical reasons why the code should be the way it is,” said Professor Denis Noble, the Oxford university biologist who was the first to model the human heart on a computer.


The full $10m will only be awarded for a patentable coding system, The prize sponsors will attempt to commercialise it in partnership with the winner. “I think it would be as important for science and technology as the invention of the transistor,” Mr Marshall declared. The Challenge is open to all individuals and organizations who comply to the rules. The Evolution 2.0 Prize will be open through November 17, 2026. More specific info can be accessed here.


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