CES 2019 is helping people to have a better life


Lumen  has designed an inhaler-shaped product that measures carbon dioxide levels in the user’s breath. The firm says this provides a way of monitoring a person’s metabolism – the chemical processes that, among other things, convert food into energy. The device suggests recipes that help burn fat and, over time, learns what diet is most appropriate for each user. It will go on sale for $299 (£235) this summer, though people who pre-order will pay $250. Studies measuring the effectiveness of the product have not yet been peer-reviewed. The other device, FoodMarble , which was released in December,measures hydrogen levels in an attempt to make deductions about a person’s digestive health. It was released in December. Hydrogen in the breath can be a sign that someone is having trouble digesting a recent meal. Through revealing foods that result in hydrogen production, FoodMarble could help people who experience bloating, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms.


CES 2019 – The Global Stage of Innovation – „is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies,” as presented on the official website. The first CES was held in June 1967 in New York City. In 1998, the show changed to a once-a-year format with Las Vegas as the location. .This year, Mercedes Benz debuted the second-generation CLA Class at the show and Honda will introduce the Autonomous Work Vehicle and P.A.T.H. (Predicting Action of The Human) Bot.


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