Samsung released the new generation TV screens


The TVs can support aspect ratios from the old 4:3 to the standard 16:9, widescreen 21:9, or ultra-widescreen 32:9. “This screen is customizable and can be placed anywhere in the home,” Jong-Hee Han, the president of Samsung’s display division. Micro LED TV owners will be able to design their perfect TV fit for their personal space.  As we think now however, The Wall is more for advertising and displays in public places or businesses.


The company has labelled microLED as the next major leap in ‘display’ technology, moving away from labelling the module as a television. The first version of The Wall requires professional installation. The Wall is also meant more for lobbies than loungerooms, but consumer versions could be on their way later in 2019. Micro LED displays work on the same principle as arena scoreboards, where each pixel is made up of tiny red, green and blue light-emitting diode chips that light up individually. Since those LEDs are just micrometers wide, more can be crammed into each display to give better resolution, brightness, contrast and color, at least, according to Samsung. The company  hasn’t released any specifics on pricing or availability just yet,


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