A master jeweler says he created the unbreakable porcelain


Wallace Chan is now a master jeweler. “We need innovation, If there is no danger, and we are only enjoying the craftsmanship from yesterday, we will only be enjoying the past. There will be no tomorrow,” Chan says. His latest invention: a type of porcelain that he has been developing for more than seven years. It’s five times stronger than steel in small, jewelry-sized quantities.


The technology apparently can be described using words. Raw components are carefully mixed and heated at a consistent temperature. This results in a chalky white disc which can be chiseled and carved into rings or other items of jewelry. These unfinished forms are then fired in a kiln, before being rigorously polished and buffed so that, “the light appears to float on the surface.” The porcelain is then joined with titanium fixtures that help set the gemstones. „Porcelain is forever,” the master jeweler says. It is proud “to show the potential and possibilities of such a graceful, cultural and historic material to the world.” Chain already invented some special techniques used in his daily work, including one which allows him to create detailed images inside gemstones, producing a three-dimensional effect.


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