The self-lubricated condom is a new invention, sponsored by Bill Gates


The rubber latex is coated with a thin layer of hydrophilic polymers that, upon contact with moisture, become slippery to the touch, making the lubricant last longer and removing the need to add more lubricant during sex. It could last at least 1,000 thrusts without losing slipperiness and should be more comfortable than regular condoms. (Research in the late 80sfound that most couples’ lovemaking only involves between 100 and 500 thrusts).

Grinstaff Group at Boston University

„In the presence of just moisture or water or vaginal fluids, it would basically become slippery,” said Prof Mark Grinstaff, a co-author of the study from Boston University. Seventy-three per cent rated the self-lubricating one more highly, in the study. Clinical trials with couples to see how the condoms compare in real-life settings could begin early next year. The team filed a patent for the idea and hope their self-lubricating condoms will be on the market within the next two years. The research team said the object of their study is a necessary one. “The last advance in condom technology is more than 50 years ago, and that was when silicon oil got introduced as a lubricant,” said Grinstaff. “We are using our grandparents’ technology in the 21st century, which is crazy,” said Prof Grinstaff. The new research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.


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