Adorable Sony’s Aibo robot dog will sell in September


The Japanese tech giant said Thursday a special ‘First Litter Edition’ will go on sale in September with a price tag of $2,899 for a bundle that includes Aibo, a charging station, paw pads, a pink ball, an ‘aibone’ and three years of access to the Aibo cloud app.  Aibo 2.0 is a major step up from the original robotic puppy dog first launched by Sony back in 1999.  The actual dog-robot was fitted with cameras, touch sensors and microphones to make it more responsive and lifelike. It has 4,000 component parts. It shake your hand, move its ears back and forth and kick a ball, as well as move or blink its eyes thanks to two Sony organic LED displays that can even follow its owner around. It can detect and analyze sounds and images, which means it can more fully interact with its owner. Aibo responds to your touch when you scratch or pet it and can even recognize words of praise and smiles.

Aibo pet robot

Aibo can run toward its owner and detect smiles and words of praise, and can remember what actions please the owner. The dog-robot even has a personality which grows and evolves over time because day-to-day experiences are saved to the cloud. Owners are allowed to play with the pet-robot remotely via smartphone.


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