Siri, Maps to Arrive on New Mac OS


According to reports, a preliminary beta version of the Mac OS X 10.9 OS is inclusive of Siri. The sources also suggest that the voice assistant feature from Apple runs similarly as it does on the iPad.

The report further suggests that if Siri is integrated in the next generation Mac OS then there’s a chance that the older generation won’t be able to support the same features.

In addition to Siri, the much controversial Apple’s Maps feature may also get included. Much-talked for its information and crippled. Nothing is set in stone on whether the maps will be issued the mass users or only for the developers.

Some of the features are developed with the idea in the mind that what would happen if the iPad and the MacBook were integrated. The process began earlier this year when apps like Game Center, reminders and AirPlay were added in the Mountain Lion.


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