An intelligent robot will become a familiar presence on a big Indian airport


A Tata-Singapore joint venture airline, Vistara, announced on Tuesday that it had created a robot called RADA, using Artificial Intelligence technology. First, it will scan the boarding pass, After, it will be able to answer questions and will intract using basic hand movements. It will also move around in the airport on predefined pathways. It will satisfy even requests for entertainment in the form of movies and video games. It will be developed further for as many as 17 use cases, including carrying wheelchairs for passengers, collecting luggage and assisting senior citizens, Vistara’s Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Ravinder Pal Singh told to media.


RADA was built with a human ressemblance. It can rotate 360 degrees and it has three in-built cameras for cognitive interaction. The robot was completely made of indigenous components. Kids will love him. “With RADA, we aim to change the way people interact and fly with an airline,” said Vistara CEO Leslie Thng. TATA SIA Airlines Limited, known by the brand name Vistara, is a joint venture between Tata Sons Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) with Tata Sons holding the majority stake of 51% in the company. RADA is derived from ‘Radha,’ the name of the daughter of a Principal Architect in Vistara’s IT team who played an active role in its development.


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