Facebook disclosed efforts to build its own chips capable to filter content


Chief AI scientist Yann LeCun revealed the company is in the process of making its own chips for filtering video content. Facebook currently uses Intel CPUs for many of its AI services. A transition to a specialized chip could help the company more quickly filter video content for violations of its terms of service, like if a person commits suicide in a livestream or performs another act of violence. Thing change on the AI. an artificial intelligence researcher at Qualcomm referred to a company team’s work on a new voice recognition program saying their system is 95 percent capable of recognizing words and phrases.


continues to accelerate AI training and deployment with its tensor processing unit (TPU), and Intel’s Stratix 10, a field programmable gate array (FPGA) chip, is being used for Microsoft’s Project Brainwave. Apple, , and Amazon are also reportedly planning to make specialized chips to speed up AI services for their hardware products. Facebook wants to be able to filter content, including live video streams, in real-time. Current methods require ‘a huge amount of compute power’ to monitor every video.The same technology could also allow the company to censor certain free speech or other types of non-aggressive content with lightning speed.


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