Google Leads the Mobile OS Market, Microsoft Phone Sales Rise


According to recently released market data, Microsoft sold 4.06 million devices that run on Microsoft based OS. The figures represent worldwide sale and is pretty impressive compared to just 1.7 million during the same period a year back. It means that Microsoft’s grasp has increased by 139% pushing the global mobile OS market to 2.4% from just 1.5% a year back.

Percentage wise, the jump may appear to be impressive but the biggest share of the market is still in ’s hand. ’s mobile OS, Android made its grasp over the mobile OS market more strongly as its market share jumped from 52.5% to 72.4%.  Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, that powers the mobile iDevices, showed negative growth and lost market share. iOS now has a 13.9% market share compared to 15% last year. Another major smartphone manufacturer, RIM suffered a huge blow as its market share declined from 11% to 5.3%.  RIM is planning to release Blackberry 10 to overcome the losses.



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