Google Unveils New Chromebook from Acer


The new Chromebook is named The Acer C7. It runs on Google’s cloud based Chrome OS.  The Acer C7 follows the footsteps of its predecessors such as the Samsung Chromebook & the Samsung Chromebook 550.

It comes with an Intel processor, a full-sized keyboard, a 320 GB hard drive & an additional storage of 100 GB free for 2 years. The battery life is not impressive compared to Samsung Chromebooks. The Acer C7 offers only 3.5 hours of back up compared to the Samsung Chromebooks’ 6.5 hours. Moreover, the price difference between the two devices is just $50. Having said so, 3.5 hours of back up is not that bad. The boot time of Acer C7 is 18 seconds which is in fact impressive for a netbook.

The Acer C7 will be hitting the U.S. Google Play Store, Best Buy stores and starting tomorrow.  UK tech lovers can find the new Chromebook at Google Play, PC World, Currys and Amazon.  The gadget will hit more countries soon.



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